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Norma Hollis
Whether through keynotes, half-day workshops, multi-day seminars or coaching programs, Norma T. Hollis’ transformative presentations are designed to challenge management, staff and entrepreneurs to create Authenticity within themselves and their organizations. Norma has helped hundreds of individuals discover their ‘authentic’ voices resulting in greater communication effectiveness. After 11 years of authenticity research, Norma created a unique diagnostic tool that measures personal authenticity and identifies critical communication gaps.

Member of:

National Speaker's Association

Creator of The Authenticity Assessment

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Authenticity in the Workplace

The Authenticity trend is happening because consumers are demanding it. Make sure your company and management style reflects the mindset of the 21st century: Authenticity.  Understanding this challenging topic requires a speaker who is cutting-edge, thought-provoking, informative and compelling. Norma T. Hollis possesses these abilities, resulting in powerful and transforming events. Combining her warm, engaging style with fun techniques and memorable metaphors, Norma will show your group how to:

• Create an Authentic workplace where genuineness and originality is rewarded

• Use Authenticity to sell products and services consumers actually want to buy

• Counteract stereotypical corporate attitudes and information hindering productivity

• Measure Authenticity success against traditional business goals

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*Norma's comments about Disney and Starbucks are taken from the book "What Consumers Want: Authenticity" by James Gilmore and Joseph Pines.
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