Become an Authentic Voice Protege

Take a Journey Inside of Yourself to Find, Live and Share your Authentic Voice


What is “Authentic Voice”?

Your “Authentic Voice” represents the real you, your true self. It is comprised of three “voices” that are a part of you – your Inner Voice, Outer Voice and Expressive Voice.

  • Inner Voice – the voice that speaks from within

  • Outer Voice – the you that the outer world sees

  • Expressive Voice – who you have become in the world

These voices are the foundation of the Authentic Voice Protege Program to help you raise self-awareness as you find, live and share your authentic voice.

Paul Scott


How Will I FIND my Authentic Voice

Finding your authentic voice means reconnecting with the person you were born to be. We were each born with a purpose. Many of us spend our lives seeking that purpose and trying to fulfill it. Because of the consciousness that is prevalent on this planet, many people lose sight of their purpose. The Authentic Voice Protege Program helps you reconnect with yourself in a way that enables you to gain clarity and confirmation about your purpose.

What Does it Mean to LIVE my Authentic Voice

Once you find your authentic voice you want to be sure that the way you live your life corresponds with the voice that you have found. Your purpose relates to your Inner Voice and how you live it relates to your Outer Voice. Living your authentic voice means how others see you in the world. This includes your overall wellness and relationships.

How  do I SHARE my Authentic Voice?

You share your authentic voice when you express yourself in ways that compliment the voice you have found and how others see it. This includes how you use your gifts and talents and your day-to-day activities.


What Happens as I Become more Aware of my Authentic Voice?
  • You begin to live from the deeper part of your being – not just going through the motions of life

  • You connect with people in ways that leave a lasting positive impression

  • You gain clarity and confirmation about your journey in life

  • You begin to remove barriers from the past

  • You become more confident

  • You feel like you are free

  • You walk your talk

  • You thrive


Rochelle Burgess


What is the Authentic Voice Protege Program?

The Authentic Voice Protege Program is a series of workbooks, audios and year-long telecoaching to take you on a journey inside of yourself. The workbooks are called Inventories because they prompt you to take a journey inside of yourself. You are guided to examine yourself from the perspectives you might not have thought about before. The audios support the Inventories and take you deeper into self-knowledge within the dimensions of authenticity. And on Tuesdays you are invited to participate in telecoaching calls conducted by Authenticity Ambassadors. These lecture/coaching calls will give you even deeper understanding of each dimension and enable you to ask questions and give feedback. It’s an ideal way to learn more about authenticity, yourself and how you are using your authentic voice in the world to positively impact your life. The result is a new view of you and recognizing areas where you can ‘tweak’ your life to achieve greater authenticity, joy and freedom.


What is Included?
9 Inventory Workbooks
  • Intuition – Listening to and following our inner voice

  • Integrity -Obtaining and following a belief system

  • Inspiration – Personal internal and external drive

  • Net Wellness – Wholistic wellness and balance

  • Net Work – The quantity and quality of your relationships

  • Net Wealth – Abundance

  • Legacy – Recognizing your natural gifts and talents

  • Likeability – Your personality

  • Lifestyle – Your day-to-day activities

12 Audios
  • One for each of the above Dimensions

  • One Introduction

  • Two Alignment

The Authenticity Grid

The Authenticity Grid is the foundation of the entire authenticity project. Once you understand the energy of the grid you can create a more dynamic life.

The Authenticity Assessment

The Authenticity Assessment is the diagnostic tool that will assist you to understand where to focus new energy in your life.

52 Tele-Coaching Calls

These calls are the glue to the awareness program. Each week you hear a lecture then get the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback.

A Network of Like-Minded People

Those seeking to raise their awareness of authenticity are of like mind. And when we get together it is a valuable experience on many levels!


“Great call last night. I did a lot of the work in the workbook and I felt like lots of the mental clutter was stripped away to get to what is important to me and what I am to say in the world.”
–Melissa Heebink Protégé New York, New York

“Norma is an angel commissioned to “prompt” and induce those who are ready to express their true Higher selves.”
–Michael Carlos Muhammad Founder/ Michael Carlos Muhammad International Phoenix, Arizona

“I began reading the first book/workbook along with applying your process of Think, Communicate, and Do! Already, I have had some revelations about my message and where my transformation began.”
–Yolanda McIntosh, Internet Radio Talk Show Host Minneapolis, Minnesota

“It was so awesome being connected and having access to so many talented and spiritual minded individuals. I will always remember this weekend as the ‘catalyst’ that propelled me into purposed action to write my career services & soft skills professional guide. Thank you, Norma, for that enormous ‘flash’ of inspiration. See you on the circuit in six months. Cheers”
–Rita Clark Associate Director of Career Services Dorsey Schools, Detroit, Michigan

“I’m enjoying the calls immensely and feel tremendously blessed just listening. It’s reinforcing a lot of things that I live internally and knew, but to hear it rom this perspective has been very good for me. The things I’ve learned, particularly related to the inner voice, has been great. It was certainly worth the investment. If really concerned about bettering self and bettering life this is the program.”-Phillip Dunston, Chair of Department of Religion and Philosophy at Clark Atlanta University, Sr. Pastor Friendship Baptist Church Augusta, GA

“You are amazing and I feel I learned so much from you in only a day. I wish greatest blessings possible. Thank you for your authentic you.” -June Edmonds, Los Angeles, CA

“I want to thank you for all that you have contributed to my life as I continue my journey as an entrepreneur. You are truly a motivational vehicle for the success of many Entrepreneurs.” -Ramona Miller, Flint, MI

“My experience with Norma has been life changing…She is patient and giving of herself and has helped me to learn how I can maintain a positive life style no mater what adversities cross my path.” -Samantha Scully, Los Angeles, CA

How Does it Work?

This is a one year program. Once you have registered you will receive your first workbook. You will download the Inventory then begin the process of going deeper into your self. You will also begin receiving emails about our calls every Tuesday. At 5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 pm Eastern there is a call that talks in general about the dimensions of authenticity. In addition you will receive audios that provide an introduction to authenticity. The combination of these products give you the tools you need to go deeper into yourself. It will be up to you to use the tools to your benefit. You will continue to receive additional workbooks and you will be encouraged to participate in the calls. We find that the people who experience the most profound transformation are those who get actively involved in the calls, the inventories and the audios.


When Can I Start?

You can start right now! As soon as you register you will receive your first Inventory, the Authenticity Grid, the Authenticity Assessment and instructions to move forward. You will also begin receiving emails inviting you to join the Tuesday calls. You can begin the authentic journey inside of yourself in just a few minutes. The first Inventory you will receive is the Intuition Inventory which offers eight steps to help you deepen your intuitive skills. Intuition is one of the foundations of authenticity so this is an excellent place to begin your journey.


 Robin King


What is the Investment?

Your investment for this personal journey inside of yourself is only $497. We accept Paypal and all major credit cards with the following payment plans:


Full Payment $497

Three Payments of $175

Six Payments of $90

How do I Get Started?

It’s easy. Just register by clicking the payment plan you prefer and you will immediately receive your first download with instructions for you to move forward. Be sure to join the calls each Tuesday. We find that when you participate in the calls by asking questions and giving feedback you gain the most from the experience.


If you are not completely satisfied with the Authentic Voice Awareness Program in the first 30 days you can receive a full refund of your investment, no questions asked.


I look forward to helping you raise your awareness about authenticity and your authentic voice. I look forward to welcoming you as a Protege. And I hope this is just the beginning of a long and meaningful journey together

With Love and Authenticity,