A Special Message for Speakers, Coaches, Trainers, Authors and Other Experts

Imagine that you are living the life of your dreams!

  • Sharing your message

  • Touching others

  • Getting paid

  • Living a happy and meaningful life

This is what happens when you Cash in on Your Expertise! It can happen for you as it has for me and many others!

Are you a creative person? If you are like me, your creativity stems from listening to the voice that speaks within. My voice has led all of the speaking, coaching, training and writing activities I have engaged in throughout my life. It was this creativity that led me to open a speakers bureau, train and develop speakers, create the Authentic Voice System, the Rapid Success System and even connect with you right now.

But so often, as creative people, when we develop something we don’t know what to do to monetize what we have created. You see as creative people our passion is creation. When we are living our passion and we are very happy people.

Does this sound like you? Maybe you have developed a coaching process, written a book, prepared a speech or participated in some other activity where you were led by your creative streak. Then once you finish, you wonder what’s next? How do I package this? What have I created? How do I get it out to the world?

Creative people can find life quite frustrating when the desire for self-expression is very strong. Our challenge is generally not the creation. Our challenge is that we must take what we create and get it to market, otherwise our creation never meets the people it is intended to impact while we struggle to make financial ends meet. And the process of getting to market is so different from the process of creation. It can be quite frustrating.



This is the dilemma I faced in 2010 when my speakers bureau closed. I had operated it for a dozen years when my two employees had to leave, within one month of each other, due to illnesses. I was left without knowledgeable employees to run the business which was suffering anyway due to the recession. Operating a speakers bureau was not my passion and I really didn’t want to deal with the massive marketing that is required of a speakers bureau. Instead I wanted to continue the creative path of program development, speaking, coaching and writing that was my passion. But in order for me to move forward I had to ignite a fire under my products so that I could transition within the personal development industry from speaker bureau owner to personal development professional and still earn an income.

That’s when I decided to put my knowledge to the test.

My greatest challenge was marketing. The requirements of successful marketing are a little different than the requirements of creating programs. Creativity thrives when the spirit is free to explore. Marketing thrives when there is a clear plan that is followed consistently. It can be difficult for a creative person, who often lives in the here and now, to transition to the structured consistency that is required of successful marketing.

I spent a lot of time unraveling the secrets of marketing. I looked for the silver bullet that would lead me to success but there was none. What I found instead is that I needed to develop a consistent plan and follow it. When I did this, I smiled more and more as my product sales, exposure and financial success increased. It is a dream come true!

Now I want to share this dream with you. As a creative person you are likely filled with ideas and plans to make a positive difference with the message that was given to you.

  • As a speaker perhaps you have tried to share your message on multiple stages but only find yourself in front of people who want you to speak for free.
  • As a coach perhaps you have created a coaching process that makes a significant positive difference in the people you have coached but finding clients who value coaching and will pay for it may be a challenge.
  • As a trainer perhaps you have developed programs that will turn teams around and build leaders but do not know how to get it to the organizations that can benefit.
  • As an author perhaps you have written your story and had it published. Maybe you even got an advance from a publisher. Now you are faced with the challenge of selling thousands of books and this is best done with a strategic plan.


Or maybe you are not sure where you fit. You just know that you have creative juices that want to be expressed and rather than go around in circles you would like to get on the path to successfully monetizing your creativity.

Wherever you are in the process of cashing in on your authentic voice, let me help you.

My three step system guides you to massive success as a speaker, trainer, coach, author – whatever your creative genius.




Authenticity ~ Industry ~ Marketing

The steps I took to gain success are steps I will share with you. First I took AIM at myself and being real with me – connecting with my authentic voice and being clear on my message. Secondly my AIM was learning more about the industry I was in. Every industry has its own way of doing business, even its own language. I had to learn the language of the personal development industry in order to excel within it. And finally I had to AIM at unraveling marketing. There are so many aspects to marketing it made my head swim. I had to stop and evaluate the options and discover the path that would most likely lead to success for me.

You do not have to do the research – I’ve done it. All you have to do is follow instructions. My three steps to Cash in on Your Authentic Voice will lead you to success on many levels. It’s a dream come true!


Step #1 – Authenticity

As a creative person you are probably already being true to your authentic voice. It’s the voice that has likely been leading your creative activity. Sometimes we have a challenge being true to our voice. Creative people listen to the voice that speaks from the heart. Life encourages us to speak from the voice that comes from the head. This can cause confusion about your own authenticity. Most of us can benefit from an authenticity tune-up.

My series of short videos will help you make that tune-up. It will also help you gain clarity about your message and your goals by helping you identify your strengths. Your areas of strength are generally indications of your gifts and a clue to the foundation of your message. The Authenticity Videos will help you gain clarity and definition to your message because they will guide you to think more deeply about yourself.

These videos will help you:

  • Find your authentic voice
  • Live with authenticity
  • Gain clarity about your message
  • Be true to your self
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Expand self-knowledge
  • Honor your creativity

“Norma helped me to find and listen to my inner voice in a way that nobody’s explained to me before…She showed me a quick easy way to connect with my audience that was powerful…The next thing she showed me was how to walk my talk and project it in a way that connects with my audience so I can cash in on my authentic voice.”

Dave Lakhani, Author The Power of Persuasion

Step #2 – Industry Knowledge

It helps to understand the industry you are in. Each industry has a different way that it functions, even different language that it uses. As creative people we also have our own language. Talk to a non-creative person about voices that speak within and they might refer to your creativity as something else. Knowing the language, processes and other protocol within the professional development industry will help you to be effective within it.

Through a series of lessons you will learn about the personal development industry with a focus on the professional speaking arena. These are related industries and each offer opportunities for you to cash in on your authentic voice.

  • Learn about the professional speaking, coaching and personal development industries
  • Determine where you fit in the industries
  • Define your target market
  • Polish your product
  • Develop a compelling presentation
  • Create an income base
  • Navigate the industry

 “I have met many speakers who have been inspired by what I cal “The Norma Factor”, her authentic desire to help others with her deep wisdom and knowledge of the personal development industry Norma’s positive impact on numerous change agents makes her a valuable resource to the industry.”

Les Brown, The Motivator


Step #3 – Master Marketing

There are so many aspects to marketing – it can make your head spin. Successful marketing means an appropriate integration of the elements of marketing coupled with consistent activity. As creative people we often think in circles, going from one project to another. Marketing does not work in the same circular fashion. Marketing requires linear activity that is consistently applied. It’s a totally different energy than the energy we use to create.

Your Mastering Marketing workbook takes you through step-by-step instructions to create a successful marketing campaign. This workbook will also help you develop a marketing strategy that gives you a step-by-step plan of action to successfully market your product and/or yourself.

  • Gain a basic understanding of marketing
  • Learn multiple ways to market
  • Find your most authentic marketing activities
  • Learn about the silver bullet of marketing
  • Understand the value of testing
  • Learn how to be more consistent
  • Create a marketing plan

“Norma introduced me to new, value add, cutting edge initiatives that relate to my career. These options have created opportunities beyond measure. Her perception of the possible, and her unselfish sharing of vital information, places her in a class of her own.”

Patricia Russell-McCloud, Former FCC Attorney, Author “A is for Attitude”


The DIY Rapid Success System will help you Cash in on Your Authentic Voice!

The Rapid Success System works for those just entering the personal development industry as well as veterans of personal development. It is also very helpful when you are transitioning from one industry to another as well as when you are expanding your income by increasing your services. Your Rapid Success System includes the following:


Step #1 – Authenticity


  • Series of 14 informative videos
  • Short and to the point
  • Help you understand authenticity
  • Take the Authenticity Assessment
  • Gain your Authenticity Factor
  • Recognize your strengths
  • Gain clarity
  • Assist you to find your Authentic Voice


 Ten Steps to Authenticity

Additional information to supplement the videos. Learn more about authenticity and how you can connect more deeply with your authentic voice.

Step #2 – INDUSTRY


The Process to Become a Professional Speaker

  • Learn about the professional speaking industry
  • Strengthen your professional identity
  • Polish your skills
  • Discover how you can get paid to speak
  • Get clarity on products you can produce

 Step #3 – MARKETING


Mastering Marketing

  • Identify your target market
  • Strengthen your professional identity
  • Position yourself
  • Develop a media kit
  • Understand Internet marketing basics
  • Create marketing strategy




Order now and receive the following bonuses:


These audios will give you even more information to  Cash in on Your Authentic Voice

  • Cash in on Your Authentic Voice – Actual recording of one of the live events to expand your knowledge of authenticity and how to use it to increase income
  • Coaching Samples – Listen to actual coaching sessions where clients are assisted to find, live and share their authentic voice


  • 5 Dynamic Ways to Improve the Power of your Authentic Voice
  • 5 Tips to Increase your Business


Set your goal and AIM  for it. We provide you with what you need through our Rapid Success System.

You can Do It Yourself and claim all the success you desire.

Just follow the system so you too can Cash in on Your Authentic Voice!


Yes Norma, Count Me In!

All this for only




With Love and Authenticity,