Turn your PASSION, EXPERIENCE & EXPERTISE into extra income as a Professional Speaker!

Learn the Process to Become a Professional Speaker

When you understand the professional speaking profession, you will know how you can leverage your passion, experience and expertise to gain extra income through speaking.

You have seen people on stage and been impressed with them haven’t you? I bet you have also said to yourself that you can do at least as well as the person you just heard, and it’s probably true. All you need to make it possible is to understand how to make it happen. Enter The Process to Become a Professional Speaker – a workbook with information, work pages, tips, techniques, clues and affirmations that will teach what you need to know to gain success as a professional speaker.


Who can earn income as a professional speaker?

Anyone can earn income as a professional speaker. All it takes is Passion, Experience or Expertise

Passion – Identify what you love or what really gets you agitated. This could be a great foundation for your presentation as a speaker

Experience – What have you experienced that you can share? You might share stories, lessons learned or tips for success.

Expertise – The things that you are really good at make a good foundation for your speaking platform.

How would you like to see an extra $100, $1000 or even $10,000 in your bank account each month? When you understand the opportunities that are available for people who share a message on stage, you will be excited to learn the process to become a professional speaker.


There is a Process

Like every other industry, the professional speaking industry has certain steps and processes that will help a speaker gain success. It’s not just about getting on stage and sharing your words, it is also important to understand the orderly progression that leads to success. I’ve met speakers who were just getting started in the industry yet they were doing things that only seasoned speakers do. As a result they spent a lot of money but did not get results because they did not do things in order. The Process to Become a Professional Speaker gives you step-by-step instructions so you can learn the order and follow it.

The Process to Become a Professional Speaker is a workbook that will take you through the journey of earning income as a professional speaker. This workbook is a common sense approach to professional speaking and helps you not only craft your message but also develop your speaking business. It has been used by thousands of people who consider this the primary workbook you need to enter or improve your positioning in the professional speaking industry. You will gain the information, processes and even the confidence to gain all the success you desire as a professional speaker.


The workbook has the following chapters:

  • Introduction – Overview of what it means to be a speaker.
  • Preview of the Industry – Get an overview and learn important aspects of the professional speaking industry.
  • Purpose – Knowing your purpose as a speaker is one of the first steps to success. Be clear on your purpose.
  • Presentation – Learn the basics of delivering your message on stage.
  • Polishing the Presentation – Tips and techniques to take your stage presence over the top.
  • Products – The lifeline for speakers is products. Learn samples of easy to produce products.
  • Promotion – Gain insight to promote yourself to your target market.
  • Pricing – Discover a framework to determine your speaking fee
  • Putting it All Together – Put it all into a business structure.

This is more than a book, it’s a workbook. This means that in addition to the information you will read, you will also have the opportunity to answer specific questions about how you see yourself as a speaker. In the process you will be writing your presentation and key parts of your strategy as a speaker.


Meet the Author

Hi, I’m Norma Hollis, the author of The Process to Become a Professional Speaker. For over 12 years I owned and operated a successful speakers bureau. I also ran an online directory of speakers that connected meeting planners with available speakers. In the process I coached hundreds toward the process to become a professional speaker.

When I started in the industry as a speaker it didn’t take me long to realize that coaching and other assistance to help me become a professional speaker was very expensive. So I kept exploring on my own and learning what I could. It took me a few years to understand the industry and I captured what I learned in The Process to Become a Professional Speaker. This workbook will help you learn and master the professional speaking industry so you can earn income as a professional speaker.

Speaker trainers buy my book by the thousands to share with their clients. Now you have the opportunity to get this valuable information so you too can share your passion, experience and expertise as a professional speaker.


The Process to Become a Professional Speaker is a book and a workbook. You gain valuable information about the professional speaking industry while developing your speaking strategy and writing your speech. It’s an ideal way to learn the industry and emerge ready to ‘hit the ground running’.

There are many types of speakers. Most people know about the motivational speaker and this is the term that I hear most often from speakers who want to enter the industry. But that is only one kind of speaker – there’s so much more. Being a motivational speaker requires a level of energy that everyone doesn’t have. But no matter what your personal energy level, there is a speaker role available for you. In addition to motivational speakers, there’s also inspirational speakers, facilitators, trainers, MC’s, panelists, platform speakers and more. As you enter the industry it is important to know your message, your energy and your best placement in the industry. You will gain this knowledge through The Process to Become a Professional Speaker.


Facilitator / Trainer Linda Walker at a recent event

Some people will charge you thousands of dollars to learn how to enter the professional speaking industry. They give you all the hype about how you can get wealthy in no time as a speaker and they give you all the information you need. The only thing is that generally you do not get  the step-by-step process to generate success. The Process to Become a Professional Speaker gives you the process and step-by-step instructions for success. Written in easy to understand steps, you will learn the industry, your potential within the industry and finish with a workbook of your speech and the process of developing yourself as a speaker.



Here’s what others have said:

“A truly outstanding book! I have read many books on public speaking over the years but The Process to Become a Professional Speaker is the most comprehensive book on the business side of public speaking I have ever seen. This book is an absolute must read for both aspiring speakers and speakers looking to increase their earnings. I continue to benefit from it daily.”

Baruti Kafele, Educator

“This book is a must for anyone who is serious about the speaking professionl. It takes the mystery out of the industry so that success is an attainable goal. What a treasure house of useful information!”

Dawn Brown, Author

“Finally a step-by-step manual to give me the clarity I need as a new speaker to discover my niche. I particularly like the affirmations throughout the manual.”

Deborah Deras, M.S., C.R.C., Inspirational Speaker

“Insightful Work: A valuable resource for those who want to Speak Up and Stand Out. Take this book and love it!”

Peggy Riggins, RPh., Founder, The Association of Women Pharmacists

“As a coach, I stress with clients the importance of understanding theprocess involved withhow things work and develop. Norma has broken down the speaking industry into very understandable easy to follow steps with a measurable outcome – You becoe a better speaker. Way to go Norma!”

Coach Robert Selby


You will get the link to download this workbook as soon as you purchase. It is affordably priced so that your journey into the professional speaking industry is not delayed. There are many ways to be successful as a speaker and you will learn ways to earn additional income through this book. You will gain so much more value than the $39.97  to invest in the workbook or the $24.97 to invest in the ebook.


Yes Norma. I want to be a professional speaker and I’m ready to invest in myself!





Whether you want to speak full or part time, this workbook will help you. If you only have a short time to prepare or you are treating this like a college course – you can be successful. If you have the passion for speaking, have a  message to share and want to earn extra income, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

I have watched people grow and develop just because they shared their story on stage. Speaking is one of the best ways to build self-confidence. It’s also one of the best ways to grow your business, no matter what business you are in. By speaking at events and talking about your business you can gain more customers and that translates to more income.

The Process to Become a Professional Speaker will help you understand the industry and how to turn your experience as a business owner into extra income through speaking. You already have the passion, experience and expertise. All you need to know is the process.

The Process to Become a Professional Speaker is the most affordable way you can learn the industry and leverage your skills into income.

Now is the time for you to take this important step!!


Yes Norma. It’s time. Let’s Get Started!


I look forward to working with you!