The Inventories of the Authenticity Grid

Workbooks to take you on a journey inside of yourself.

After taking the Authenticity Assessment look at your scores. Focus on the dimension(s) where your score is lowest and decide if you want to deepen your understanding of yourself within that dimension. Invest in yourself by completing the Inventorty(ies) that represent your greatest need. By conpleting the Inventory(ies) you will know yourself better, step into your authenticity and become more aligned. And who knows what that will lead to. Some people have lost weight after becoming more authentic. Others have improved their relationships. Still others increase their income. Everyone has some type of change that occurs – positive change that is easy to create that is life changing.How will your life be impacted through authenticity? Find out by completing the Inventory that most represents the area where you want to grow.

Each Inventory contains exercises that guide you to gain more knowledge about yourself within that dimension. Some ask you to seek the opinion of others and some ask you to take an introspective look into yourself. Each enables you to broaden your perspective and identify ways to become more confident within that dimension. As you strengthen one or more dimensions you will find yourself gaining more confidence, altering your perspective and basically gaining a deeper level of self-knowledge. It’s like taking a journey inside of yourself and emergine with a new expanded view of your possibilities. Enjoy!


Your intuition exists to assist and direct you. It comes from a place deep within that seems to know what is best for you. When you recognize this voice, listen to it and then respond to it – you become aligned with it. You develop a relationship, a partnership with this voice, and are able to enter into an ongoing conversation that leads you to your greater good. Finding your intuitive voice, learning to listen to it, then trusting it and responding to it appropriately can lead to a rich and fulfilling life. It is a basic foundation to finding your authentic voice. In this Inventory you are led to experience intuition and incorporate it into your life.

Components of the Intuition Inventory:

  • 40 Pages
  • Discover 8 steps to raising your intuition
  • Understand your Self-talk and Self-response
  • Learn to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ your thoughts
  • Uncover three ways to listen to yourself
  • Learn to recognize confirmations



You communicate your intuition through Integrity. Once you have found your intuitive you have the option to to act on it. How you act on it and the behaviors you communicate to the world will be interpreted as your integrity. This is also considered your value system. Once you are clear on your values, you can assess the degree to which you are presenting the level of integrity you want to show to the public. The Integrity Inventory helps you to clarify and prioritize your values as the foundation for making decisions.

Components of the Integrity Inventory:

  • 34 Pages
  • Examine your values in multiple areas
  • Identify values most important to you
  • Recognize your integrity
  • Write several values statements
  • Develop your personal values system



Successful individuals are inspired to succeed. They do not wait for someone else to motivate them; they have a deep sense of what they are to do and they do it. This internal inspiration is critical for success. It is not good enough to have intuition unless you are inspired to use it in positive ways. Inspiration is one form of drive It is an internal drive that moves us to action. Unlike motivation, inspiration is more lasting and meaningful because it comes from within – it is a part of your self.

Components of the Inspiration Inventory:

  • 38 Pages
  • Understand the difference between inspiration and motivation
  • Determine whether you respond best to inspiration or motivation
  • Examine what drives you
  • Identify experiences that have driven you to action
  • Recognize ways to inspire yourself


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Net Wellness

Net Wellness

 Well rounded health is critical for success in life. You live your life in one body and it is up to you to take care of it. How you take care of it is revealed to people when they look at you. What does your Net Wellness say to those who are looking?

Components of the Net Wellness Inventory:

  • 50 Pages
  • Examine your health from multiple perspectives
  • Perform a personal body check
  • Relate food to physical symptoms
  • Focus on natural vs. chemcal
  • Examine components mental health


Net Work

Life is made up of people. No one can escape this truth. No matter what your purpose, it involes other people. So finding and living your authenticity is likely connected to the people you associate with. Who do you associate with? How large is your network? How do you expand your network? All of these are critical questions that relate to your Net Work. A quality net work creates a quality life. A net work of people who drain your energy weakens your ability to find purpose..

Components of the Net Work Inventory:

  • 43 Pages
  • Understand the difference between quality and quantity relationships
  • Examine your current network
  • Become your own ‘network coach’
  • Develop your net work strategy
  • Create a networking introductory statement


Net Wealth

Most people strive for abundance. We have been conditioned to believe that the abundance that creates wealth comes from finances. When you look at abundance as money alone, you limit yourself. Looking at abundance from angles that include other aspects of life such as the relationships that bring you joy, the things you do for others, the opportunities that show up in your life, your connection to the universe and other concepts that bring joy and happiness but are not related to money. Money is only one element. A full life is an abundant life that comprises many elements of Net Wealth.

Components of the Net Wealth Inventory:

  • 38 Pages
  • Gain  new understanding of net wealth
  • Assess your current wealth from the consciousness perspective
  • Identify your true wealth needs
  • Document methods to achieve your needs
  • Develop a confident voice of net wealth


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Being aware of your natural gifts and talents allows you to use them to create and develop positive circumstances. Understanding your natural affinities leads you to operate your life with greater ease. With ease you remove unnecessary stress. This allows you to live in flow. When you are in flow you move closer to your purpose and have a grater affinity to express the power of your authentic voice. The Legacy Inventory will help you to get to know and express your natural gifts and talents.

Components of the Legacy Inventory:

  • 35 Pages
  • Identify your physical gifts and gain new respect for them
  • Learn the eight wisdom gifts
  • Take the questionnairre that reveal your wisdom gifts
  • Understand your spiritual gifts
  • Gain new respect for your multiple gifts and talents



It is through your personalty that you express yourself to the world. While your outer voice is how people perceive you, your likeability is how you express yourself to others. When you are likeable people are mote apt to be responsive to you. The Likeability Inventory will help you to identify your best personality traits and express them confidently in the world.

Components of the Likeability Inventory:

  • 33 Pages
  • ‘See’ yourself within multiple personality traits
  • Assess where you feel the need to modify your personality
  • Get the opinion of members of your quality network
  • Review objective information to analyze your personality
  • Identify traits to modify to express your best personality



Our lifestyle is reflected in the choices that we make. A healthy lifestyle is reflected through healthy choices. When you interact with people they gain a sense of your lifestyle by how they see you living your life – not only the clothes you wear and the car that you drive but also by the things they see you do. The things you do are generally reflected in your habits. We create habits throughout our life. Sometimes they become so routine that we forgot when or why we created the habit and thus the lifestyle that we are living. In this section you will have the opportunity to look at your self through the habits that you engage in and to consider modifying your lifestyle accordingly.

  • 38 Pages
  • Examine segments of your day-to-day activities
  • Identify your habits
  • Recognize negative habits
  • Develop positive habits to replace negative
  • Incorporate new habits into your life


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