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Raising Spiritually Conscious Children

Concepts of New Thought Early Childhood Development

What does it mean to raise spiritually conscious children?

Young children are generally very happy and highly spirited people. You can often feel the energy of their spirit when they freely laugh, giggle, and  generally share the spirit of joy in almost everything they do. Young children come to the planet with a great curiosity for how the planet works. Most of us are attracted to their contagious spirit when we watch them learn to eat, feed themselves, walk, talk and grow their unique independent personalities. Whether we are parent, grandparent, friend, babysitter or just someone passing by, most of us are delighted when we are around a happy and cheerful young child.

This cheerful spirit that children display in their youngest years is the essence of who the child is. It’s a combination of their personality, their gifts and talents and their ability to respond to the quiet nudging that comes from within. This is the essence of the child’s authentic nature and a glimpse to who the child can be.

As children learn to structure themselves and adapt to the requirements of being human, it’s not unusual for the natural spirit of their young childhood to be traded for the practical view that life demands. As a result some of the natural spirit often goes away. The joy and wonderment that the slightest stimulation provided as a child, such as watching an ant crawl or delighting as a butterfly flutters, is seldom even remembered when the demands of life take over – school, homework, grades, discipline, meeting expectations of parents and other adult role models, etc. Often these role models are so busy keeping up with their own life that they have little time to delight in the curiosity of childhood and this too contributes to diminishing the child’s spirit.

But how joyful it is to meet someone who has retained the spirit of a child. How delightful to meet a child who has the playfulness of the spirit while still fulfilling the responsibilities of growing up. How absolutely wonderful to meet the adult who has retained that spirit and is still is able to create a financially sustainable life.

As parents we have a responsibility to not only help our children create sustainable lives but also to help them develop and retain the natural spirituality that they were born with, enabling them to be both playful and practical. Parents have the role of socializing their child into society. This means helping the child learn how to behave in the world, what is appropriate and what is not.

Since the child’s spirit is quite strong in young childhood and the spirit is the essence of who the child is, it seems logical that the parent’s role is to manage the child’s socialization of spirit within society. Help the child learn to understand and accept their spiritual nature and adapt it to the requirements of being a functioning member of society. Doing so raises a happy adult who uses his natural gifts and talents to earn a living.

What if you had the key to unlock the spiritual genius of your child – that allows your child’s spirit to blossom and thrive? This is not a key that you can get from your child’s doctor, pastor or even teacher. It is a key that lives within the child and you, as parent, hold the treasure chest that will locate the key to unlock your child’s spirit.

When a person’s spirit is strong that person can overcome many obstacles.

One of the major roles of the parent is to raise the spirit of their children.

Teachers teach

Doctors treat

Pastors preach

Parents help children reach for their future

The secret to a happy future is cultivating a happy spirit, one that will be a foundation of joy for a lifetime


Imagine a world where the children in this world are comfortable with who they are, know their gifts and talents and use them in positive ways in the world.

These children do not engage in altercations with others because they have clarity about who they are and how to avoid potential problems. These children have positive energy that is welcoming and contagious. They are a delight to be around. They are curious about life and enjoy learning and sharing. They care about other people and are committed to being a positive contribution to the world. They are allowed to explore and develop their nature.

These children grow into adults who know who they are and find sustainable careers that use their gifts and talents in healthy ways.

In the process, you as a parent become a more powerful  role model and build a stronger relationship with the children in your life. You gain clarity about yourself while you are gaining knowledge about your child. You become more clear about your child’s identity and what he has to offer the world. Spiritually conscious children have parents who help them recognize and develop their natural gifts and talents. These parents help their children find their most authentic place in the world. They encourage their children to grow in areas where they are strong and where they show a passion. And this passionate freedom of growth enables the child to tap into their spiritual genius.

Every passion has a way to express it self in a financially sustainable way. All passions are best sustainable when they are developed. So find your child’s passion, help your child develop their passion, then help your child find a career path that allows their natural gifts and talents, and therefore genius, to shine.

There are many popular people who have commented on the value of being spiritually conscious. They have allowed their spiritual genius to shine. Some of these quotes are listed below:

  • Steve Jobs“Don’t let the noise of others’ opinion drown out your own inner voice.”
  • Marianne Williamson “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.”
  • Ghandi“The dignity of man requires obedience to a higher law, to the strength of the spirit.”
  • Caroline Myss “The spirit for me is the eternal self. And together the mind, the emotional body, and the soul form the energy field that lives within this thing called the human body.”
  • M. Scott Peck“The act of nurturing another’s spiritual growth has the effect of nurturing one’s own.”
  • Eleanor Roosevelt“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
  • Albert Einstein“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious – the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”
  • Maya Angelou – “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it.”
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson“We ask for long life – but ’tis deep life, or noble moments that signify life. Let the measure of time be spiritual, not mechanical.”

These well-known personalities are very clear that the most meaningful life is one that is lived in cooperation with the spirit. These individuals represent over 100 years of perspectives of the spirit. They have each tapped their spiritual genius. All quotes are still relevant now. Spiritual consciousness is long-lasting. When you implement spiritual consciousness in your family you create long-lasting values that promote the spiritual expression of family members for many lifetimes and enable spiritual genius to thrive.

Let me show you how you can create a family environment that gives your children the advantage for developing their spiritual genius.

Hi, I’m Norma T. Hollis and I am an advocate for children’s spirituality. I have a belief that all children come to the planet with a unique set of natural gifts and talents that they are to use while they are here. These gifts and talents are clues to the child’s purpose. Our role as parents is to help our children identify their natural gifts and talents and then we are to help them develop those gifts while they are in our care. We are also responsible for helping our children find sustainable ways to use their natural gifts and talents in a career as an adult.

This philosophy came to me after working in the early childhood field for twenty years. My degree is in early childhood development and I directed early childhood programs for the majority of my time in the field. My last job in the industry was as the early childhood consultant with the Los Angeles Roman Catholic Archdiocese. As a result of these experiences I developed great passion for children’s spirituality

The field of children’s spirituality examines the spirit of the child. Our schools examine a child’s mental health. Churches promote the child’s religious education. But there is no entity that focuses on the spirit of the child – who the child is and can be. That is the role of the parent.

My job is to provide information to parents like yourself so that you can positively impact the spiritual consciousness of your children and birth their spiritual genius. The teachers don’t do this – they teach the basic rules and systems of society. The doctors don’t do this – they ensure that the physical aspects of your child’s body are healthy. The psychologists don’t do this – they have the mental health perspective of mind and behavior. The pastors don’t do this – they focus on religious education and the institution of the church.

The parent is the primary entity that has the opportunity to know the child best and therefore impact the child’s spirit, uncovering who the child is at the core and how the child’s spirit can express itself in this world. Are you up for the responsibility?

I want to offer you some tools which will help you gain the perspective to nurture your child’s spirit. I offer three packages for you to nourish the spiritual consciousness of your young children and develop their spiritual genius.

Using these tools you will be able to:

  • Discover how your children view the world from a spiritual perspective
  • Recognize the difference between children’s spirituality and religious education
  • Learn ways to impact your child’s connection with spirit
  • Identify values for your family
  • Become a better role model for your children
  • Help your child recognize and relate to their inner voice
  • Recognize your child’s strongest gifts
  • Learn ways to nurture your child’s spirituality
  • Have the tools to become your child’s spiritual director
  • Gain a deeper knowledge of your child
  • Set your child on a path of great success
  • Enjoy parenting from new perspectives
  • Understand how you can impact society by implementing these concepts
  • Uncover your child’s spiritual genius

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of families and organizations to help them bring out the best in their children. Here’s comments from a few of them:

Heidi Marshall-Greene –  “Through our conversations, I realized internal and external influences were the culprit of my lack of confidence in raising my own children. We spoke at length about my life and my goals for my children.  I was empowered by Norma’s guidance of living authentically, and then raising my children in that manner. Thank you Norma for your guidance and compassion.” 

Paul Scott –  “As a 50 year old man who neither had siblings nor children of my own, you can imagine the fear and anxiety around my being tasked with the rearing of my 5 month old niece. Your coaching and suggestions for expanding my limiting beliefs helped me view this chapter of my life not as something to dread, but as an adventure in helping a newly arrived spirit develop and connect to the purpose and destiny for which she was gifted to this planet. That changed so much for me, from my level of patience to my ability to let go of the need to control every facet of my environment in the face of an infant’s intervention. Apal is 6 how and well on her way to becoming a fully expressed force for change in the world. Thank you for saving us both.”

 Hope Edwards, Director Wilson Head Start, Phoenix, AZ “Norma offered quick strategies that don’t require a lot of time to work with children and families at home and in the classroom. It made us stop and think about our lives and how we can be more authentic.”

You can give your child a spiritual foundation that will last a lifetime. A child who creates a relationship with the spirit creates a foundation for lifelong success. As the parent of a young child, helping your child find, live and express their spiritual nature is one of the most important roles you can play. In many ways it’s more important than academic development. Research shows that a child can catch up with academics. However the spiritual development that is available before the age of five is not available in the same way when the child is older. As the child ages their ability to connect with the spirit changes as the brain develops. Don’t lose the opportunity to maximize your child’s spiritual development while still young. The advantage is priceless.

To expand your child’s spiritual development, I have created a dynamic package of products for your benefit.


Tools and Activities to Understand and Nourish the Spirit of Your Child

Introduction to Children’s Spirituality – Four Audio Series

Four downloadable audios that provide an overview of the concepts of children’s spirituality

  • Learn the foundational principles of children’s spirituality
  • Uncover the relationship between spirit and multi-sensory perception
  • Increase your listening skills
  • Discover ways  you can promote your child’s spiritual development
  • Apply concepts to older age children


Honor Your Young Child’s Spirit – Ebook

An ebook providing concepts for you to consider regarding the spirituality of your young children including:

  • Children’s innate connection to God
  • The young child’s spiritually based view of the world
  • The difference between spirituality and religious education
  • The role of parents and caregivers
  • The potential for society



Maximizing Your Child’s Spiritual Connection – Audio

Audio with reinforcing information about your child’s spiritual connection. Includes Norma’s journey as an advocate for the spirit of children.


  • Reinforcing information about children’s spirituality
  • Learn Norma’s journey to children’s spirituality
  • Deepen understanding of your child’s spiritual connection



Develop Your Young Child’s Spiritual Genius – Workbook

This e-workbook contains activities that will help you develop the spiritual genius of your young child.

  • Discover your child’s natural gifts and talents
  • Identify family values
  • Increase your influence as a role model
  • Help your child discover purpose
  • Become your child’s spiritual director

Raising Authentic Children

Twelve audios that address the dimensions of authenticity and how they relate to children

  • Learn to develop your child’s intuition
  • Help your child discover personal values
  • Inspire yourself and your child
  • Guide your child to healthy relationships
  • Give your child a healthy perspective of abundance
  • Create a healthy lifestyle that can last a lifetime
  • Give your child respect for his spiritual life


Value – $725,

Special priced now for only




I want to help you make the transformation to an authentic life for you and your family. It starts with understanding the spirit of your young child, why it is important and what you can do to help your child develop a healthy spirit that is sustaining throughout life. And when you learn this you will also learn how you can be even more effective as a parent.

These new thoughts on early childhood development can be the catalyst to change your life and the future of your children. How important is it to raise spiritually conscious children? It is priceless – for your child, for you and for society.

Here’s to uncovering the spiritual genius of the children in your life.

Here’s to enjoying the journey of raising and living with spiritually conscious children.


With Love and Authenticity,