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You probably answered ‘yes’ to this question, didn’t you?

Know that authentic joy is ultimately available to you and you are about to discover this for yourself.

Image what your life would be like if you knew how to tap the joy within. Yes, there is joy within you and YOU hold the key to its unveiling. Joy is waiting for you to make friends with it so you can feel happy, blissful, cheerful, optimistic, enthusiastic and successful with a sense of well-being and contentment.


Do you feel joy in your life or are you struggling with one challenge or another?

  • Unhappy with what you do day-to-day?

  • Disappointed by what friends and family did or didn’t do?

  • Frustrated with your money situation?

  • Challenged by weight or other health issues?

  • Seeking better relationships?

  • Uninspired?

  • Stressed?

  • Confused?

If any of these sound like you then it’s time for you to shed these feelings and grab the hopeful feeling of JOY that is available to you.



Maybe you have been looking for joy. Maybe you have searched many places and talked to many people. Maybe you have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars seeking the ultimate sense of JOY in your life. But still, authentic joy may be elusive to you. Here are some of the reasons that your search for joy has been challenging:

Challenge #1

Clarity – Understanding what JOY means to YOU

So many people influence your view of life. It starts with parents and continues through teachers, preachers, family, friends, co-workers, television, billboards, social media and so, so much more. You have to ask yourself whether you define joy by your definition or the definitions you have been taught by others. Authentic joy comes from having clarity about what truly makes you happy.

Challenge #2

Confirmation – ‘Knowing’ you are on the right path that will lead you to JOY

In your early 20’s you created a life path based on your view of the world at that time. Now that you have been on this path and experienced its joys and challenges you have the opportunity to decide whether or not the path you are on is the path for you to continue to pursue. Maybe something is nudging you to make a change but you are not sure of what change and in what direction. If you find yourself talking more about what you don’t like than what you do like, it’s time for you to  examine what will lead you to grab JOY everyday!

Challenge #3

Confidence – Living with unshakable grounding and faith

It may be hard for you to walk with a level of grounding that is unshakable. Authentic Joy means having a level of confidence and belief that no matter what, all things will work out. You have been taught to put faith in tangible things however that is not the secret to living a life of JOY. There’s a different level of confidence you will live with when you unlock the secrets found in the Ultimate JOY Prescription.



Many think JOY lies outside of themselves and are very surprised to learn that the secret to joy lies within. Looking outside only results in feelings of disappointment and emptiness. When you look outside you expect other people to provide happiness and joy for you. But the secret to removing the disappointment and emptiness and finding joy in your life is inside. It’s about knowing who you are and it’s called authenticity. Authenticity means connecting with and being true to yourself. Authenticity leads to authentic joy and authentic joy fills the emptiness, removes disappointment, brings clarity, gives confirmation and is the foundation for unshakable confidence. And this is called JOY!



You can claim authentic JOY for yourself. No matter what you are going through or how you are feeling, it is possible for you to embrace joy in your life. You just need a prescription that gives you a plan to find, live and share JOY. Other people have removed their fear and confusion and replaced them with confidence and joy. You can too. You just need to know what to do. That’s why you need the Ultimate JOY Prescription.



Hi, I’m Norma T. Hollis. As America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor I help people live with JOY by connecting with their authentic voice. By authentic voice I mean the authentic YOU. Your ‘authentic voice’ is the voice that speaks within and represents the depth of who you are. It’s your purpose and the answer to why you are alive. Finding your authentic voice is like finding buried treasure. It is the most joyful feeling you can experience and it lasts a long time. I learned about the relationship between authentic voice and joy through decades of studying human nature from personal, professional and spiritual perspectives.The result is a system that helps you know YOU. Once you have self-knowledge all things are possible. When you know yourself on a deep level you emit the energy of peace, happiness and abundance and these become an authentic reflection of your life. This is called JOY! It is worth it to know you and your authentic voice. I encourage you to embrace your authentic JOY!


I love it Norma! Count me in




What you will find in Your JOY Prescription

Your Ultimate Joy Prescription includes the tools you need to find, live and share Authentic JOY

First you will take the Authenticity Assessment that will help you diagnose where you need a Joy boost. You will answer nine questions that will help you ‘see’ your life from new perspectives. Then you will learn about your scores and how to make minor changes in your life that will lead you to your joy path. Once you get on your path it is only a matter of time before the feeling of joy is more dominant than any other feelings you experience.

Your Diagnostic Tools

Taking the Authenticity Assessment will help you to understand where your joy is being blocked. Once that information is revealed your next step is to familiarize yourself with the Golden Grid. You can look at the Grid as a JOY MATRIX. Each of the dimensions on the Golden Grid play a role in your JOY. You will learn more about the Grid and how to use it as a personal development tool throughout the lessons and by participating in the Group Coaching Calls.



Your JOY Prescription

After you take the Authenticity Assessment and gain your scores you are ready to customize your prescription. You will receive instructions to transfer your scores to your Personal JOY Prescription and receive step-by-step instructions to claim joy in your life. This begins with the unblocking process. You will be directed to complete activities and exercises, listen to audios and participate in life group coaching calls to help ou find, live and share your authentic joy.


Your JOY Treatment Package

The Ultimate Joy Workbook is the foundation for fulfilling your JOY prescription The JOY Getting Started Guide has all the instructions you need and the Ultimate JOY Workbook contains exercises and activities to build joy in your life. In the process you will develop a greater knowledge about yourself. Specifically, you will:

  • Connect with your Intuition
  • Clarify your Integrity
  • Inspire yourself to greater heights of success
  • Improve your overall wellness
  • Create a quality and quantity network
  • Understand wealth and abundance from new perspectives
  • Recognize the legacy you were born with
  • Enhance your Likeability
  • Life an authentic Lifestyle

And you will build joy in the order of your personal need for development.


The Benefit of Authenticity is JOY

Once you know JOY you LOVE life even more

Just imagine for a moment that it’s three months from now and you have found new areas of JOY in your life. You are smiling ear to ear and feeling the warmth of an inner glow that constantly makes you feel illuminated. You are confident and sure because you ‘know’. You have a deep level of grounded confidence that enables you to experience  JOY in every moment. You are happy and at peace. you have found authentic JOY and life is GOOD!






“What I have experienced through meeting with you has been incredible.  Growth, joy and the freedom to choose who we are and who we want to become in this world is so important to me that I have an unquenchable passion to share this with others.  Through your guidance, you have created the means for me to realize the gift that I have to give to others – although, I thought I knew what it was, you are enabling me to gain the focus and clarity that I need to take this to a higher level.  My life experiences and successful corporate background were wonderful foundations; however I needed to expand my horizons and inspire others to live their most joyful and fulfilling lives. ”     

-Patricia Brown, Retired Corporate Executive, Toronto, Canada

“I enjoyed your presentation. I’m now definitely a member of the Norma Hollis fan Club. Your presentation was well organized, empathetic and inspiring. It was well done and brought joy to the group”. –Leon F. Beauchman, Trustee, Santa Clara County CA, Board of Education

“I will always remember this weekend as the “catalyst” that propelled me into purposed action to write my career services & soft skills professional guide. Thank you, Norma, for that enormous “flash” of inspiration. You helped me find my joy!”

-Rita Clark, Associate Director of Career Services, Dorsey Schools, Detroit, MI

“I don’t know where I can get this level of understanding on any program that I’ve ever been with. It’s metaphysical, psychological, ecological, spiritual, intellectual and 3verything else. I love it and wouldn’t miss it. It is making me a better person while making me a better speaker.”

Dr. Dexter Russell, Santa Fe, NM

“Norma I so love and appreciate your sharing and authenticity. I have attended your events and was mesmerized by the way you not only motivated but inspired me to embrace and follow through with my passion and purpose. Thank you for all that you bring to the table, I must say that I was truly fed. I look forward to being a part of your upcoming events.”

Khephera Jesal, Detroit, MI

 “Thanks to Norma Hollis, I am experiencing an unprecedented level of success as a result of my appearance on “The Apprentice”. I knew I had momentum and a chance to maximize my ‘celebrity’ status, but I didn’t know how to do it. I turned to Norma for coaching and direction. Norma helped me in numerous ways and ultimately, was a guiding light to my speaking career. She not only provided excellent advice about creating a successful speaking platform, she made sure that my ‘authentic’ voice was evident in my presentations. By utilizing the concepts of authenticity that Norma taught me, I have been able to share the ‘real’ Omarosa with the world and experience ongoing success as a professional speaker. Norma helped me turn 15 minutes of fame into a speaking empire!”




I’m ready to invest in myself now, Norma!


Wake up and greet JOY each morning

Get rid of the challenges that block your JOY

Embrace the possibilities that JOY brings to your life

You deserve JOY!



Rochelle Burgess



 Dave Lakhani


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Getting to know self can take you through a number of memories that can be very confusing. Learning about the journey of one person can assist you to understand your journey. Norma bares her soul with profound memories that have touched others in very deep places. Many people have similar memories but do not understand them and their relationship to the journey of the soul.

Bonus #1 – Norma’s Authentic Soul Journey

Listen to Norma’s journey to find, live and share her authentic voice and connect more deeply to the journey of your soul in this lifetime.  This three audio set will share the memory of being given an assignment immediately prior to birth and many other mystical type experiences.  It’s a fascinating exploration into the journey of soul memory.

Bonus #2 – Mystic Footprints, A Mystical Journey of Spiritual Awareness

The audio Mystic Footprints is a collection of poetry written at age 28, when Norma was deeply touched by Spirit.The confusion sh felt is similar to the challenge we all face with embracing spiritual awareness. But it can be hard to understand when it is occurring. So includd in the audio is the interpretation of the poetry after 20 more years of living, at ag 48. As most poets, her creative work poured out of her even when she didn’t understand its deeper meaning. However after another two decades of life, she came to understand that she was writing about acknowledging, understanding and accepting her authentic voice. It will help you on your journey of


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