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Norma's Introduction


Norma T. Hollis is a true visionary. This pioneering woman has created several firsts. In her initial career as an early childhood specialist, she created an early intervention program that evaluated preschool children in multiple developmental areas, and became a pioneer in Children's Spirituality and New Thought Early Childhood Development. But one career was not enough for Norma. Her love for communication led her to open a communication training company called Speakers Etcetera in 1996. Norma quickly recognized there was a huge gap in the professional speaking industry when it came to African American speakers. Fueled by her passion to help others, Norma began compiling a roster of African American speakers as an online resource for meeting planners. This blossomed into the first comprehensive online directory of Black speakers and eventually, a full-fledged speakers’ bureau known around the world as Black Speakers Online.

Norma forged her way through the professional speaking industry, creating a vast array of communication programs for speakers of all levels. Her book, “The Process to Become a Professional Speaker” is a staple amongst public speakers and used by other trainers in delivering public speaking programs.

In 2007, Norma launched Diversity Speakers Online to help minority speakers, especially women, gain more exposure. She also partnered with the National Speakers Association (NSA) in a diversity initiative – a first for the 9,000 member organization, resulting in more opportunities for minority speakers. Norma also took her decades of Authenticity research and created the first diagnostic tool that actually rates personal authenticity. You’ll find her authenticity test at

Norma continues to bring new discoveries to the communication field under her Norma Hollis Companies – a family of communication companies and innovative solutions for speakers, entrepreneurs and businesses. As an Authenticity expert, public speaker and entrepreneur, Norma is in demand by corporations looking for a 21st century speaker that understands the challenges of businesses to compete in the global marketplace and appeal to the new consumer – consumers that are demanding authenticity in products and services. Her ‘Authentic Communication’ programs and presentations are designed to educate, enlighten and inspire individuals and businesses to create Authenticity in their lives and workplaces.

In 2008, Norma is launching an ‘Authentic Wellness’ program based on a holistic approach to communication, revealing the connection between body and mind in a new way – another first. Based on nine steps, Norma helps individuals and companies ‘align’ themselves with their purpose, utilizing natural gifts and talents, in order to achieve their goals and experience a fulfilling life and workplace.

Norma has spoken at hundreds of conferences, colleges and churches and today, she is here to share her Authentic Communication insights with us.

Join me in welcoming America’s Leading Authenticity Expert to the stage: Norma T. Hollis.

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