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“I have met many speakers who have been inspired by what I call ‘the Norma Factor’ - her authentic desire to help others coupled with her deep wisdom and knowledge of the speaking business. Her positive impact on numerous speakers makes her a valuable resource to the industry.”

Les Brown, The Motivator

“Norma introduced me to new, value added, cutting edge initiatives that relate to my speaking career. These options have created opportunities beyond measure. Her perception of the possible, her willingness to keep all of her speakers ‘top of mind’, and her unselfish sharing of vital information places her in a class of her own.”

Patricia Russell McCloud, J.D.
President, Russell-McCloud & Associates
Professional Orator and Author

“Norma Hollis is my coach. I am also represented by her bureau, Black Speakers Online. Norma is helping my business reach heights I have never seen before by helping me attract clients through her ‘authentic coaching’ approach. She’s helping me find my inner voice so I can be authentic, so I can be real, so I can successfully impact my customers and clients’ lives. Norma is very methodical in what she does. She’s also extremely sincere – that’s the best way I can say it. If you are looking for your voice, if you are trying to tap into what is already in you and share it with other people, you have to work with Norma Hollis. Her coaching will transform the way you speak and do business.”

J. Edridge Taylor
The J. Eldridge Taylor Company

 “I heard Norma speak on authenticity. She reminded me that no matter where you are and what you do, if you touch lives as I do, you have to remember to be authentic. Be yourself, you don’t have to be on stage, you don’t have to be judgmental, you don’t have to remember who’s better than you or who’s not as good as you. Just be authentic and come from your authentic self.”

Rochelle Burgess
Innovative Partners in Leadership
HR Consultant and College professor

“By attending Norma’s seminar, I discovered new ways of transforming and actually delivering my organization at its highest level, in its purest form. This is something I’ve always searched for and finally found through Norma’s presentation. She taught me how to speak the truth in the most powerful manner.”

Nick Nadier
Melody House Foundation

“I met with Norma for a special session after her keynote presentation. We had an extraordinary one-hour session. I arrived to the session very confused about ‘next steps’ for my business. My business is two years old and I wasn’t sure what to do next. Norma listened intently and then, gave me a three-step plan to move my business forward. I can go home knowing exactly what to do next… all because of Norma.”

Janet Plocke
Organized by Janet

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