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Why Norma… Why Now?

Norma T. Hollis is CEO of the Norma Hollis Companies – a family of communication companies that includes Speakers Etcetera, Black Speakers Online, Diversity Speakers Online and Cash in on Voice.  Ms. Hollis oversees a speakers bureau and full service training and consulting firm that delivers high quality programs, learning tools, and performance improvement interventions that enable clients to discover authentic communication and effectively lead a 21st century workplace.

Why select Norma for your project or event?

Norma will help you make the project have long term impact that translates into changed behavior on the job. If you wish:

  • She will provide 30 minutes of coaching for a key leader, free.
  • She will write an article for your in-house magazine or newsletter to reinforce the learning, free.

Others have recognized Norma’s expertise:

  • She received an entrepreneur award in 2006 from the Black Business Association (BBA) for her generous contributions to the African American community.
  • She partnered in a 2007 diversity initiative with the National Speakers Association (NSA), an organization of experts who speak professionally, widening opportunities for minority speakers.
  • She was honored in the BBA’s 2007 Salute to Women during Women’s History Month.
  • She is the author of The Process to Become a Professional Speaker, a staple amongst public speakers.
  • She is the creator of The Authenticity Assessment for Speakers & Entrepreneurs, garnering praise from numerous speaker associations and the International Meeting Industry.
  • She received a 2006 Certificate of Recognition for Community Leadership and Citizen of the Year by the California Legislature Assembly.

Norma’s services include keynote presentations, workshops, organizational assessments, individual profiles, individual coaching, train-the-trainer workshops, and consulting.

Authenticity in the Workplace

The Authenticity trend is happening because consumers are demanding it. Make sure your company and management style reflects the mindset of the 21st century: Authenticity.  Understanding this challenging topic requires a speaker who is cutting-edge, thought-provoking, informative, and compelling. Norma T. Hollis possesses these abilities, resulting in powerful and transforming events.

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